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Is There Anything More Natural Than a Dog in a Car? Check These Photos

Photographer Greg Cohen captures hearts and promotes adoption with his playful images.

 |  Jul 3rd 2013  |   7 Contributions

Is there anything that compares to the look of euphoria on a dog's face as he rides in a car with his head out the window? I remember duplicating the gesture as a kid, and the way the wind rushed at me left me breathless. I can only imagine that for a dog, whose nose can detect a million scents all at once, it must be like watching a roller coaster movie in Smell-O-Vision. No wonder they always look so happy.

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Monkey: Rescued June 2009. Photo by Greg Cohen

For L.A.-based photographer Greg Cohen, that look of euphoria was an impetus for a project that would turn out to have an important mission. According to Cohen, he was inspired by the way dogs seem so present as they ride in cars, "tongue out, nose in the air, wind in the face ... complete freedom ... worry or regret are nonexistent." It's a state of mind Cohen strives to achieve more often in his own life.

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Frankie: Rescued October 2008. Photo by Greg Cohen

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Brian Buster Wilson and Pistol Pete: Rescued May 2011 & May 2009. Photo by Greg Cohen

But then something awesome happened. The images began inspiring people to adopt, so Cohen started working with shelters and rescue organizations to promote dog adoption, with the hope that as more people become exposed to his photos in galleries and online (like you are right now), more people will be inspired to rescue a dog.

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Iggy: Rescued 2010. Photo by Greg Cohen

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Black Pearl: Rescued 2011. Photo by Greg Cohen

Check out more of Cohen's work at his website

What do you think? Do you find the images compelling? What's your favorite thing about them? How does your dog inspire your art?

Photos via Greg Cohen and used with express permission.

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