Do It Yourself Doggy Exam

 |  Nov 2nd 2008  |   1 Contribution

In between vet visits it's always a good idea to routinely examine your dog.

This way if there is anything out of the ordinary, like a lump, you'll be able to tell right away.

You can do this simple exam while watching TV together, bathing, or grooming. Below is how to do this simple and quick checkup, a few minutes is all it takes.

Run your hands over your dog's head and body. Any new lumps or bumps? Observe the eyes, and check inside the ears and under the tail. Give the pet a good belly rub as you check the abdomen for hardness, swelling, lumps or bumps.

Other things to check:

Shiny coat?

Fur coming out other than normal shedding?

Visible discharges from eyes, nose, ears or glands?

Lift up the side of the mouth to check whether teeth are clean and gums are pink. Bad breath and discoloration of gums are not healthy.

The nose should be wet without a discharge.

Ear flaps should be pink.

A few minutes every month is all it takes. You probably will notice when something is not right. Be sure to tell the vet anything out of the ordinary to help avoid serious health problems.

Thanks to " Dear Heloise" for bringing us this important and useful information.

*Pixie Leigh, pictured above, has learned the importance of getting a monthly checkup.


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