Diamond-Devouring Dog Makes $10,000 Deposit

 |  Aug 26th 2011  |   5 Contributions

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Honey Bun has a sweet tooth for diamonds

I've heard of dogs with expensive tastes, but a Georgia Pomeraniannamed Honey Bun tops them all. A snack he (yes, Honey Bun is a boy) snarfed from his owner's work table the other day was worth about $10,000.

This is how the heist unfolded: Jewelry store co-owner Chuck Roberts got up from his work area to greet a customer, and when he went back to work, he noticed two one-carat diamonds were missing. It seems that while Roberts was otherwise occupied, Honey Bun had jumped up to Roberts' chair, and then up to his desk, and nosed around a bit in search of dog treats.

And oh did he find some treats! Some women dream their whole lives of getting a treat like that on their finger.

Honey Bun paid a little visit to a nearby vet, who didn't see the diamonds in an x-ray. But that's only because carbon does not show up on x-rays. (How many of you remember that from high-school chemistry?) There were a couple of blank spots, which the vet assumed were probably the diamonds.

Roberts watched and waited over the next 24 hours. When it came time for Honey Bun to do his constitutional, Roberts was quick to scoop. Was this the $10,000 poop? Or would it amount to doo doo? After a little, er, exploring, the diamonds sparkled through. Whew! Roberts brought them back to the store and cleaned them up with great care, and now they're back in their rightful place. Roberts, who sure seems like a nice guy in the video below, says he'll take special precautions to prevent this sort of incident from happening again.

I wonder what will happen to the diamonds? Who will be the lucky brides to get diamonds that have traveled through the digestive tract of a boy dog named Honey Bun? Has your dog ever eaten anything valuable? Do tell!


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