Detection Dog Works The Door In Scottish Nightclub

 |  Aug 25th 2006  |   0 Contributions


K9 Magazine reports that the Strathclyde Police have put a dog to work looking for drugs at a local night spot.

Strathclyde Police have become the first force in Scotland to install a drug detection dog to patrol nightclubs.

Triggs, a two year old Springer Spaniel was an unwanted pet. A Kirkcaldy nightclub, Kinty McGinty's sponsored her to undergo a rigorous two month training programme with Strathclyde Police in order to enable her to 'passively' indicate to her handlers if anybody attempting to enter the night spot is carrying illegal drugs.

Triggs will stop and sit in front of anyone she detects as having drugs on them, which allows her handler and other officers to search that suspect.


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