Desperate Situation in West Virginia -- Pound Puppies and Kitties Need Homes Immediately!

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This very desperate situation in West Virginia has shown up in a number of groups thanks to some more dedicated Dogsters like Dakota! I know there are more Dogsters who have been passing this message around. Thanks to each one of you, even if I don't list you here. I apologize for that but hopefully I'll catch up with you on another posting!
Beagle pup

WV court case requires emptying out shelter for hoarder's dogs.

Please help us before then as they must cross the rainbow bridge on June 23rd or 24th if not rescued! They are so young we're not ready for that yet!

If you can help any of us, please contact Laurel because she will see to it that we get to rescue! Here is her email addy: and here is the phone number you should call! (304)496-9379. We are all in the Hampshire County Animal Control located in Paw Paw, WV. They are rescue friendly so what are you waiting for? We are just waiting on you!

Follow this link to Petfinder to see dogs in need of adoption immediately!

This is located in the town of Paw Paw West Virginia, a town with a population of 524 human beings.

Can you imagine having to kill all these darlings in a town called Paw Paw? This is close to Hagerstown, Maryland and Chambersburg, Pennsylvania. If anyone has room to adopt or rescue one or more of the adoptable dogs on their Pet list, it would be such a blessing. It's an easy drive to the D.C. area. There are many cats as well as dogs who need saving by June 23rd.

Daisy Mae

This is a very small shelter in West VA; This is an extremely desperate situation. Please check the list of dogs and cats, and see if you or anyone you know can help.

Respond to Laurel Melvin:


Here's more information on the situation in Paw Paw and why these pets are in danger.


From: Laurel Melvin
Date: Fri Jun 16 10:13:33 CDT 2006
Subject: Fwd: MENTALLY ILL HOARDER INDICTED; 40+ dogs & cats arriving at FULL SHELTER

A Mentally Ill Hoarder is indicted !!!!!!!!!!!! His 40+ dogs and numerous cats are arriving at an already full shelter. All 40 dogs have to be held for a court date, so the ones there now have to be euthanized in order to make space for these new dogs!! The Hampshire County Animal Control tries very hard not to euthanasia, but they are out of space for this URGENT situation; The dogs have till June 23 and 24 !!ALL DOGS WILL DIE IF NOT RESCUED OR ADOPTED; please look at the dogs below and try to help, even taking one dog will help the rest. Contact: Laurel at 304-492-5442 or Shelter cell is 304-671-4704 and main # is 304-496-9379

PLEASE HELP THESE WONDERFUL DOGS! Most Dogs are Very Rescue Friendly but will be PTS due to not enough Rescues and too many animals in this EMERGENCY SITUATION. Please help them. The more we can find a place for, the fewer will be put down. Thanks.

See list of dogs below-

Male, Mastiff mix, very people friendly, OK with some dogs, ignores, curious about cats!!

Caroline- Female, White Shepard mix, very friendly, LOVES CHILDREN!!!

Babe- Female, Lab/boxer mix, just weaned from her 3 puppies, A great family dog!! Loves cats, dogs, and children!!

Clint- Male, Malamute mix, Very friendly, loves cats, dogs, and children!!

Dylan-Male Rott/shep mix, people friendly ONLY!
Moe and Curley

Harmony- Female, Lab mix, friendly, good with children, other dogs and cats.

Heaven- Male, Husky mix, friendly, good with children, other dogs and cats.

Toby- Male, Schnauzer mix, friendly, good with children, other dogs and cats.

Lucky- male, beagle mix, friendly, good with children, other dogs and cats.

Sadie- Female, boxer mix, friendly, good with older children, other dogs and cats.

Male-Pit mix, puts on a show in the kennel but is people friendly!

Scarlet-Female, retriever mix, friendly, good with children, other dogs and cats.

Timon- male, Shepard/collie, friendly, LOVES CHILDREN, other dogs and cats.

Wesley-Male, Shepard/lab mix, friendly, good with children, other dogs and cats. (not a good PIC, His ears stand up like Shepard)

Sprout female, wire haired Jack Russell mix, friendly, good with children, other dogs and cats.

Corky- Male, Purebred Hound mix, friendly, ignores children, good with female dogs.

Ernie female Chow mix, spayed, very people friendly, OK with some male dogs

Poppy-female, pointer/lab mix

Thumper and Flower
Delia-female, shepherd mix

Daisy Mae-female, treeing walker coonhound

Mackenzie- male, pointer mix, Neutered

Curly- male, yellow lab/shar pei mix, friendly does not like cats

Moe Male, yellow lab/shar pei mix, friendly

And many others! Including Cats and Kittens that will be put down on the 23rd and 24th!!



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