Dealing Dogs Premieres on HBO

 |  Mar 7th 2006  |   2 Contributions

Its hard for those of us who love dogs to watch programs that show the reality of the evil that are puppy mills but HBOs Dealing Dogsdeserves a good audience. It premiered on February 21st but is running well into March. The special shows undercover footage of life in one of MidAmericas dirty little secrets. The photographer risked his life to show life and death inside an Arkansas puppy mill and the least we can do as dog lovers is watch and learn.
I know Im going to have trouble watching the whole program, (Heck, I get upset even reading the description on the HBO website) but Im going to make myself do it. The dogs that have to exist in that horrible situation deserve our thoughts and attention.
There is a warning on the HBO site that Dealing Dogs is an adult program. I suspect that the animal cruelty scenes might be too harsh for younger children so please consider that when planning your family viewing.
After you watch the show, let me know what you think about it and the situation in general. Give me your suggestions on how to change the laws or even how to change people hearts and minds as to how we treat our canine friends. If you have rescued dogs from similar situations, please tell us your stories. I expect Dealing Dogs will be very dark and its good to know there are some people bringing light into that darkness.


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