Dave the Math Dog

 |  May 12th 2007  |   4 Contributions

Thanks to the Kimberly, furmom to Lady, Missy and Mia, for barking in this story from Quincy, Illinois.

Kimberly Douglas, Lady, Missy, Mia wrote:
This is such a great story, this is one smart dog! He knows how do math, not only in are language but other languages as well! This shows dogs can do anything!

Thanks to WGEM.com for this article.

Dog-Gone Math Whiz

QUINCY - A super-star dog helps fundraise for the Golden Lions Club. This golden retreiver does much more than sit and roll-over. "Dave the Math Dog" knows numbers.

Dave the math dog can do almost anything with numbers.

Frank Ferris, the dog's owner says, "He can add, subtract, multiply, divide. He can do square roots, exponents, algebra. He knows how old he is. What month, what day he was born."

The gifted retreiver performs all over the country. His trainer says math comes easy for Dave who uses his paw to count out the answers.

Dave is 8 years old. He's been doing math for two and a half years. Dave knows numbers in 20 different languages.

Ferris can't explain why Dave understands numbers. But he says its great to see students interested in math.

Ferris says, "Calculations are very important and we just like to keep kids motivated in math because it is such an important subject."

Follow this link to read the rest and watch the video.


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