Daizy's Happy Reunion

 |  Jul 28th 2009  |   7 Contributions

There's nothing better than a happy reunion story, this one definitely fits the bill. A dog that got lost after Hurricane Ike has been wandering around for 10 months, until last week when the family received the call they've been waiting for.

It all started when the Bauer's fence was blown down during the hurricane, they took their two dogs to the Pet Palace to keep them safe while waiting for repairs to be done.

"We ended up getting a call at 10 a.m. saying the dogs were gone. Both of em," said Joe Bauer.

The owners of the Pet Palace tell 11 News the two dogs dislocated a metal guillotine-style doggy door, worked their way through the initial set of gates of their outside run, then destroyed a section of chain link gate in the facility's inner yard. They escaped through a 4- to 6-foot iron fence at the perimeter of the Pet Palace property.

They found Hank that same day wandering in a wooded area behind the boarding kennel, but Daizy was gone.

Last week, the family received the news they had been waiting for. Two of the Bauers' friends said they were positive they'd seen Daizy wandering in a wooded area along a power line easement.

Last Thursday night, Kathy made the trip with them. Neighbors reported seeing the dog emerge late at night from the wooded area through a break in a fence at the end of a cul-de-sac. Neighbors had become accustomed to leaving food out for her.

This time, Kathy called to Daizy and gave their familiar family whistle. The dog bolted right toward her.

"She sat and lifted her paw for a handshake like she always would. Then she started whimpering," said Kathy, who admitted she was whimpering a bit, too.

"I was in the middle of the street at 11:45 at night crying and thanking the Lord. It was a wonderful, wonderful reunion."

Thank you to Tony for barking this story to me.

* Photo from the Bauer family courtesy Khou.com


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