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Daisy the Pekingese, Blind and Disfigured, Will Break (and Then Mend) Your Heart

The little dog arrived with both eyes severely damaged -- she had obviously endured abuse and neglect.

 |  May 6th 2013  |   14 Contributions

Visit to the Facebook page off Daisy (formerly known as Papaya), and you might be shocked. There's a pretty gruesome photo of the dog lying on her side with a shaved patch of fur, fresh stitches, and a drainage tube. (But we're not going to put that photo here. Instead feel free to gaze upon Daisy looking fresh as a … well, you know.)

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Daisy with her namesake.

When the little Pekingese arrived at the shelter, she was in so much pain she was unresponsive, so workers thought she might be deaf as well. Papaya arrived with both eyes severely damaged, and she had obviously endured abuse and neglect. She was initially rescued by Angels Among Us Pet Rescue, who arranged for her immediate medical attention. Despite the organization's swift work, Daisy's eyes could not be saved. Her jaw was also broken, and infection had seized her body. Some might have said that the lap dog was better off gently laid to rest, but the Pekingese demonstrated enough pluck and will to survive to inspire the Angels Among Us vets. So she underwent surgery.

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Daisy looking like a sad pile of fur in the shelter.

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Daisy in the process of receiving care.

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Daisy after some grooming -- what a difference a little love makes!

Shortly after her rescue, Daisy was adopted by a woman named Sally. Daisy will share her home with another Pekingese who is partially blind.

Even though Daisy is going to a great forever home, she still needs help paying for her vet bills. If you'd like to make a donation, check out the Angels Among Us website, and if you'd like to keep up to date on Daisy's progress, make sure to follow her Facebook page.

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Daisy with her new human friend.

Daisy takes her struggles in stride. I know I've gotten melodramatic over a broken nail, so to see this little lady overcome not only losing her eyes, but learning to trust and love again is an inspiration to me. It's a reminder to look up because kindness is all around us, ready to receive us even when things look their most grim.

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Daisy enjoys the great outdoors.

All photos via the Papapaya the Tiny Survivor Facebook page 


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