Daily Dog Painting Offers to Donate Pet Paintings to Animal Charities

 |  Mar 24th 2008  |   0 Contributions


Thanks to Liz with Daily Dog Painting for making this very generous offer to animal rescue groups.

I would love to bid on one of these paintings!

I was wondering if you could help me get the word out that I will donate totally free paintings for charity for animal rescues.

I am an artist and have been donating paintings to various animal rescue operations for the past year or so. You can see the current auction and more examples of my work at Daily Dog Painting.

The paintings are much better in person, you can't see the detail well online.

I have donated over $1600 so far.

In response to requests from rescues, I now offer two options for the charity painting, you can have 100% of the proceeds from the auction of a small 4"x6" painting or 50% of a larger painting (11"x14" - 16"x20").

Thank you for your time, and I hope to work with you to raise funds for rescue!



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