Cute, Short Video: Shiba Inu Gets Hush-Hush

 |  Apr 25th 2011  |   3 Contributions

Aww, this 32-second Japanese video clip should make it easier to ease back into work Monday. This sweet Shiba Inu, Bean, listens to his owner as she asks him to do the following (a "ruff" translation):

- speak

- can u do it again?

- is that all u got?

- can u do it more quietly?

- more quietly! more quietly!

- in a cute way

What a good dog! If you click on the red Closed Caption button (CC) under the video once it starts, you can get a translation as you watch it, which is helpful.

(Thanks to pet-lover Judith Pynn for sniffing this one out for Dogster!)


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