Somehow the idea of pampering got down to this Golden Retriever, and he liked what he heard. He went all in. Full recline in the tub. Eyes at half-mast. Pan-pipe music in the background. Idly thinking of meatballs while his owner soaps him down — ah, right there, monsieur! You have the magic hands, oui?

I’ve never been half as relaxed in the tub. It’s a mystery how one dog could enjoy a bath this much. Is he hypnotized? Is it sorcery? He’s like Lance Armstrong getting worked on after his fifth Tour de France win. He’s like a college student on a Saturday after finals. He’s like your dog after you left the meatloaf on the table and went out for a walk before dinner. He’s like Tim Cook getting a standing ovation after introducing the iWatch. Pure bliss. Has this dog cracked the secret of life? Is the secret a tub bath?

Check him out in this YouTube video:

Here’s to this dog. He’s the day’s best dog.

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