Cute Corgis Buddy And Nike Need A Home

 |  Jun 9th 2009  |   15 Contributions

It just so happens yesterday I did a post on dog owners getting rid of their senior dogs, and today I have two senior Corgis being given up because the family decided they can no longer give them enough attention.

The boys' are being fostered until July 1st so we only have a few weeks to find them a home.

Nike is a 9-year-old pure breed pembroke welsh corgi sable and white, loves attention and walks, better suited with older kids. He's up to date on all shots and very healthy.

Buddy is a 8-year-old pure breed sable and white, hates walks just loves to run, he is territorial with other dogs in his own home, best suited with a family with a big yard for him to run around. He may get nervous around other animals at first but will adjust.

Both are used to dog doors to go out and potty whenever they please. They have never been crated, just confined to one room when we leave.

We just cant give them the attention they need anymore and feel they deserve a better home. We live 20 miles north of Dallas, TX.

It is preferred that Buddy and Nike stay together. If it isn't possible separating them will be considered. If you are interested in this adorable duo please send an email to Cait.


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