Crazed Otter Has it Out For Dog

 |  Nov 23rd 2010  |   14 Contributions

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The owner of the dog who was attacked by this otter snapped this photo of the otter from inside his screened porch. He looks way too cute to be so vicious.

An otter in western Boca Raton, Fla., appears to be taking a cue from the creature from the black lagoon, and is striking fear into the hearts of people who live near the lakes and canals he calls home. So far, the aggressive animal has attacked a man and a woman in separate incidents, and has gone after one dog twice, according to WPEC-CBS12.

Animal control officials are trying to trap the otter to see if he has rabies, since this isn't typical otter behavior. The humans, who were bitten on their legs (with some bites on their thighs), are undergoing rabies treatment. The dog has up-to-date rabies vaccinations, and is being quarantined at home for 45 days.

The otter seems to have it out for Chester, the affable golden retriever who lives near some water the otter frequents. The otter first attacked Chester through a screened-in porch.

"Chester had a bit of bloody nose, scratched or bitten on his snout. The otter had attacked him through the screen. My wife tried to pull Chester out of the way," Chester's owner, Greg Butler, told WPEC.

But it wasn't the last Chester would see of the otter. The next day, the otter spotted Chester from across the water, says Butler. The otter made a beeline for Chester, swimming swiftly to land and scurrying up to him. Butler, who had been with Chester outside, got him inside just in time. Butler said the otter came right up to the screen "in a very aggressive fashion."

Officials are handing out fliers warning residents to beware of any suspicious otters.


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