CPR: Cat-diopulmonary Resuscitation

 |  Sep 11th 2008  |   0 Contributions

I usually focus on dog related news, but when I came across a heartwarming cat rescue story I had to share.

A firefighter rescued a cat from a burning house and gave it back one of its lives by performing mouth-to-mouth.

Al Machado rescued the cat from a burning apartment in Massachusetts on Tuesday, and told The Standard Times of New Bedford that he saw immediately that it needed air. Machado began performing mouth-to-mouth on the animal as he carried it outside.

Two trapped dogs were also rescued. To help save them they were given oxygen by the paramedics and animal rescue workers. Although no people were injured in the fire two other cats died. A couple, thought to be responsible for the fire, were arrested and charged with arson.

Machado was asked what it tasted like to give mouth-to-mouth to a cat. He replied "'Like fur." If I was a betting man I would have guessed his reply would have been "Like chicken."


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