Couple Toss Chihuahua From Car

 |  May 22nd 2009  |   41 Contributions

It doesn't get much more callous than this story. Two individuals from New Bedford, MA tossed their dog Princess out of their moving car. Witnesses reported the incident to the police and Correa and Torres, who are cousins, were arrested and charged with two felony counts of animal cruelty.

Earlier this week witnesses reported seeing a vehicle driving through a West End neighborhood and saw Correa toss Princess out of the window of the still moving vehicle. They then returned about an house later and remarked that the "stupid dog" was still where they threw it.

Witnesses got the tag number when they returned and Correa and Torres were arrested and charged two felony counts of cruelty to animals. Correa at the time claimed that the dog belonged to Torres and he was just doing what she told him to do, to toss the dog.

Forever Paws Animal Shelter now has Princess and has been inundated with applications to adopt her. This week the couple tried changing their story and saying the incident was an accident. No one actually threw the dog from the car, rather she jumped out when the car was stopped and now they want her back.

Police said Torres signed the dog over to be adopted when she was arrested on Monday.

However, Correa said Torres misunderstood what she was signing and wants the dog back. The dog, Correa said belongs, to Torres' 3-year-old daughter.

"She's been crying ever since. We want the dog back, but they're not going to give it back," he said.

Let's just hope Torres doesn't get mad at her daughter while they're driving in the car. We wish Princess the best of luck and know she'll soon be in a loving forever home.

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