Couple Hopes for Bone Marrow Transplant for Dog

 |  Nov 30th 2010  |   12 Contributions


What would you do if your dog were diagnosed with a rare and aggressive cancer that might be helped by a bone marrow transplant? Potter's adoptive family is trying hard to raise the $16,000 for the procedure, which is risky, and no guarantee he will survive his canine lymphoma. But his family doesn't want to let money get in the way.

"The money doesn't seem like such a huge investment when you are investing in a dog that you love," Potter's owner, Albert Gibson, told Fox News Orland0. His wife agrees. "There's really no other option," Rebecca Gibson said. "This is your best friend, and you want to do all you can for them."

The two are trying to raise money to get him the procedure. To learn more about this sweet little guy's story, go to Potter's Hope, or check out the video below.


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