How About A Sweet Mocha?

 |  Mar 23rd 2009  |   5 Contributions

i just received a message about a sweet girl who desperately needs a home. Something about the look in her eyes made me post her story.

The undying spirit of a dog always amazes me. No matter what they've been through they are always willing to give humans a second chance. In Mocha's eyes I see a dog who's very scared, been hurt and mistreated. Yet, I swear I also see a reflection of hope.

Mocha - Poor, sweet 1 1/2-yr-old chocolate lab girl was hit by a car. She needs additional medical help and rescue ASAP. She is a very sweet girl. She remains in great spirits, despite her injury.

This very sweet dog is in need of immediate vetting and rescue! She will have to be saved ASAP or PTS. She is at the high-kill Murray County Shelter in Chatsworth, GA (just north of Atlanta and just south of Chattanooga, TN)! Please help her live!!

NOTE: The pup must have a rescue lined up ASAP, but can stay at the shelter a couple days longer if needed. Free transport to Atlanta provided. + transport to the NE available

NOTE: If you are not able to provide rescue but can donate sponsor $for her vetting, please go to, click on the "send money" tab on the home page and enter the shelter's account, In the dialogue box, indicate that this is a donation for the injured lab pup.

Please e-mail or call ASAP as the shelter will not hold this pup past Wednesday, 3/25. Your rescue help is very much appreciated!

Lisa Hester

Mocha's time is running out. Are you the hope she's looking for? Don't wait, save her life, and in return I guarantee a lifetime of unconditional love.


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