Corgi Graces Pet Poetry Group with Moving Poem

 |  Mar 17th 2006  |   2 Contributions

Onycha Harley must be one inspiring canine! Check out her poem in the Pet Poetry group!


The suns absence lingers at the edge of your eyes
teasing me with wonder.
Im being manipulated
but it feels so good.
You were born to be
the feral, furred part of me.
That place I turn when the
moon is full or work
has overwhelmed.

The moon dances on you coat so dense
absorbing light
as muscles ripple beneath its sea
pulling me in.
Its a tidal, tribal need
pulling and pushing.
And endless dance of being.

The stars glint off your teeth
as you smile.
But I wonder is it a smile
or a threat
perchance a promise in mirth
of escapades while the sun is away
and we can play beneath the moon
dancing under your toothy stars.

There's more where that came from. Onycha's home page has more marvelous poetry.


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