Contest: Go Ahead, Use Your Words to Bowl Us Over!

 |  Nov 18th 2010  |   30 Contributions

OK Dogsters, time to sharpen your wits and your pencils! The good people at Merriam-Webster are offering a fun Merriam-Webster stoneware dog bowl (in small or large) to two Dogster readers. But how do we pick those readers? We have a contest, of course!

We'll call this the Dogster Dictionary Contest. To enter, simply create a new adjective related to your dog, and define it! (A refresher for anyone who forgets those pesky parts of speech: An adjective is basically a word that describes a noun. In the phrase "hungry dog," for instance, "hungry" is the adjective. There's a little more to it, but that's all you really need to know for this contest.)

As an example of a concocted adjective, if your dog's eyes melt your heart whenever she gazes lovingly at you, you could make up a word like "gazey," and give your definition of it. A sentence or two will suffice. "Fangastic" is one my daughter came up with for Jake, who is fantastic, and sometimes a bit gassy.

The contest will bejudged by Dogster World Headquarters, and maybe even by some folks at Merriam-Webster (we're working out the details, but I wanted to get this out to you now). I'll update the post when I know. Because Thanksgiving is around the corner, I'm going to let this one ride a little longer than usual. Send us your entry as a comment by noon PST on Saturday, Nov. 27. If you're inspired, you can enter more than once. The winners of the bowls will be announced Tuesday, Nov. 30.

Now get creative, have fun, and start channeling Sarah Palin! (If "refudiate" can become Oxford American Dictionary's word of the year, who knows what your words have the potential to do!?)


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