Connecticut Condo Gives Puppy With Purchase

 |  Mar 14th 2006  |   0 Contributions

I've heard of including free appliances with the purchase of a condominium but this is the first time I've ever heard of throwing the purchase of a puppy in to sweeten a deal! Some real estate developers will do anything to move their units! In this case, it means giving new condo buyers without their own dog a free puppy.

An Advocate article reports that the downtown Stamford, Connecticut Highgrove Condominiums are being marketed as dog friendly. Don't make plans yet because only the priciest units come with a comped canine. The rest are BYOP-bring your own pooch. The basic units start at $2.3 million each.

Daisy, a Jack Russell, is the spokesdog for the project. Daisy lives with thebuilding manager. But she has lots of company. About 75% of the current residents have dogs. But while the condos are dog friendly, they aren't big dog friendly. Thelimits are two dogs per condo and neither can weigh over 85 pounds.That's the dogs, not the condos.

Highgrove condominiums' Daisy
Daisy waiting in the lobby of Highgrove Condominiums


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