Congratulations to the Dogsters Featured on ASPCA Site!

 |  Apr 16th 2006  |   5 Contributions



Thanks to Leann For sending in this list of dogsters whose pictures were featured on the ASPCA website celebrating the organization's 140th Birthday. Way to go dogsters!!!

Joy, You don't have to post this but I thought it'd be a nice gesture to publicly give the the following pups below a great big round of apaws. We just thought we'd write into tell you that some of our dogster pals got their pictures up on the ASPCA website for the 140 year celebration! There all in different catagories but we'd like to congratulate these dogs and all the others I didn't find for getting their pictures posted! I know theres more but that's all I've found!

George Underwood
Winnifred Wigglepants
Howard Pugpants
Jay Jay


Dahlila, Cinco, Max, Blacky, Buddy, Lizzie and of course mom

If we've missed anybody please let me know. Meanwhile, here's howling out to everybody who participated in one of the Dogster strolls or sent pictures to the ASPCA site! I'm proud to be part of your pack!


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