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Bonnie the Cocker Spaniel Puppy Sniffs Out Diabetes

Bonnie the spaniel is more than just a pet -- she's a life-saver who helps prevent a toddler from going into a diabetic coma.

 |  May 18th 2012  |   5 Contributions

Living with diabetes can be difficult -- monitoring blood sugar levels with prick after prick and making sure to keep some candy on you, just in case. The consequences of missing an insulin injection or a meal can be fatal. Now imagine being a kid and trying to live with a condition you might be too young to understand!

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Olivia-Mae isn't old enough to check her blood sugar levels herself.

That's why three-year-old Olivia-Mae is lucky to have Bonnie, a 15-week-old Cocker Spaniel puppy trained to detect low blood sugar levels in the toddler and warn an adult. Even though Olivia-Mae's mother, Jodie, stabilizes her daughter's blood sugar with insulin, there's always a chance that the little girl's levels could fluctuate, putting her into a diabetic coma that could leave her brain-damaged. That's when Bonnie steps in, pawing and barking until Olivia-Mae is seen to.

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Bonnie has successfully detected low blood sugar levels eight different times.

Dogs like Bonnie are not unusual, but when Jodie originally looked into obtaining a trained medical aid dog, she discovered they came with a hefty price tag. So she took matters into her own hands, and with the help of trainers, began teaching Bonnie how to sniff out life-saving signs with samples of Olivia-Mae's sweat and blood.

Bonnie accompanies Olivia-Mae everywhere she goes. She's more than just a pet, but a precious guardian of the little girl's very life.

Story via The Sun, photos via ITV News 


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