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Pix We Love: The Dramatic Rescue of a Chow from a New York City Ledge

A crowd formed. The fire department showed up. The Chow took it all in stride. Check out these photos.

 |  Jul 15th 2013  |   0 Contributions

It's every dog owner's worst nightmare: Your dog, stuck on a ledge. 

Well, maybe it's just the worst nightmare of dog owners who stay up at night imagining all the horrible things that could happen to their dogs. "Dog stuck on a ledge" ranks about a notch lower than "dog running into traffic in Atlanta" but higher than "dog trying to jump from a boat to a dock during a thunderstorm."

In any case: Pretty horrifying. Gasp-inducing. Especially if the dog stuck on the ledge has a look on his face like, I'm not okay with being on this ledge!

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Such was the face that greeted pedestrian James Morgan, who happened upon a scene of a dog stuck on a ledge last Thusday and pulled out this video camera, allowing us all to share in the panic. What we have is a dog, an adorable-looking Chow Chow, just so god-awful confused about his present location and the difficulties inherent with it. 

He's stuck on a ledge atop Modica Associates Inc. Insurance. Haven't well all felt this way? 

Morgan thought the dog was trying to keep cool and managed to squeeze through the small gap between the child window guard and the top of the open window. 

It's the type of gap that a parent thinks, "Nothing is getting through that gap." The dog, standing beside the parent, thinks, "Hah! Just leave for work, why don't you?"

"The dog must have really been crafty," Morgan told the New York Daily News.

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But the Chow's craftiness went only so far, because once he was on the ledge he was out of ideas. He stood there, stuck. Time passed. A crowd formed. 

"Everyone was very concerned," Morgan said. "People were trying to offer help."

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Eventually, the Fire Department of New York showed up with a bucket truck, and a rescue commenced. Tensions ran high. Would the dog panic and jump? The man in the bucket, an FDNY communications worker, remained calm. Being calm was the key. 

He handed the dog a bowl of water. The dog sniffed the bowl and looked at the guy like, Dude, I'm on a ledge here. 

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Then the man offered the dog snacks. The Chow was interested, but still: ledge. So the man got down to business, petting the dog and adjusting his bucket, looking for a good handhold in that glorious Chow coat. 

First, he attached a leash to the collar. Then, he gave it the old heave-ho. The dog didn't have a problem with any of it. They descended slowly to the street to applause. 

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Phew. Not a bad Thursday after all, thought the dog. 

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Via the New York Daily News


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