Chinese Dog Lele Buys Own Sausages

 |  Feb 24th 2007  |   1 Contribution


Now this IS one smart dog! Someone needs to let him know about Dogster so he can get his own Dogster page!

Thanks to Ananova for this article.

Dog buys his own sausages

A dog owner in China says his pet is smart enough to buy himself sausages when he's hungry.

Wu Qianhe, of Chengdu city, says his pooch, Lele, barks to let him know he's feeling hungry.

"I'll drop him one yuan, and he takes the money in his mouth and runs to the neighbouring shops, which all know him well," says Qianhe.

Lele will not release the money until he's been given the sausage, reports Chengdu Evening Papers.

"He is smart enough to tell the difference between a piece of white paper and money. You can never cheat him," added Qianhe.


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