Chinese Dog Dangdang Sings Ring Tones

 |  Mar 2nd 2007  |   0 Contributions

Sounds like its time for a new Dogster group -- ring tone singing dogs!

Thanks to Ananova for this article.

Dogs sings ringtones

A Chinese woman claims her pet dog can 'sing' along with mobile phone ringtones.

Mrs Zhang, of Xi'an, capital of Shaanxi province, says 14-month-old Dangdang picked up the habit a year ago.

"I was in the kitchen and my mobile phone rang in the sitting room. Then I heard Dangdang making a series of strange sounds, which was exactly in the rhythm of the music.

"He stopped when I picked up the phone," she told Xi'an Evening Papers.

From then on, whenever her mobile phone rang, Dangdang has 'sung' along with the music.

"The difference between high and low tunes is quite obvious, and the speed is also in good control. From his expression he seems to enjoy the singing," added Mrs Zhang.

She says Dangdang is a very intelligent dog who escorts guests downstairs when they leave and barks farewell.

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