Chicago Puppies Stolen From Pet Store

 |  Nov 8th 2007  |   6 Contributions

What is going on??? Puppies are getting stolen out of pet stores all over the country.

Thanks to the Chicago Sun Times for this article.

Police hunt for a Cruella De Vil after puppies stolen
Up to 24 dogs taken from pet store

November 5, 2007

The phrase "this neighborhood is going to the dogs" took on a new meaning Sunday, when as many as 24 puppies were discovered stolen from the Pet Luv Pet Center.

The store, at 8057 S. Cicero Ave., was broken into around 9:30 p.m. Saturday.

All the puppies were between 14 and 18 weeks old, said Cindy Groenewold, who owns the pet store with her husband, Don, in the Scottsdale neighborhood on the Southwest Side.

"The employees came in this morning at about 8:30 a.m., and the whole front window was broken," Cindy Groenewold said.

After breaking the window, the dog-nappers walked into the back and turned off the power, shutting down the security cameras. Employee Doug Gallian said the cameras did not record any of the theft before the power was turned off.

"We're thinking it's time for a new neighborhood," said Cindy Groenewold.

All the dogs taken were in unlocked kennels or from areas out in the open. The burglar or burglars apparently brought the dogs through the back and loaded them into a vehicle. Four dogs were found in the alley when police arrived.

The most expensive of the stolen puppies were two boxers, a Maltese and one or two Chihuahuas. Each sells for about $1,000. Also stolen were two golden retrievers, three or four beagles, two Siberian huskies, one Pomeranian and a shih tzu. At least 17 dogs were missing.

The dogs' total value is estimated between $10,000 and $15,000. Whether the dogs are covered by insurance was not clear Sunday, said Cindy Groenewold.

"They didn't take the marked-down puppies," said Cindy Groenewold, who has been in the pet business with her husband for about 30 years.

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