Chicago Day Care Front For Dog Fighting

 |  Sep 28th 2009  |   10 Contributions

bean1046313_1253741315This is one for the record books, a day care center that was also used for dog fighting. When the center in the Chicago suburbs was raided on Tuesday children were found playing near battered and malnourished dogs, blood was splattered on the garage floor.

According to the New York Times nine battered dogs, four of them puppies, were removed by the police. During the raid 10 children were at the day care center, which is now shut down.

In the article it doesn't state what prompted the raid. Whatever the reason, thank goodness it happened, not only for the dogs but also the children. Keeping malnourished dogs that are being trained to fight near children is just an accident waiting to happen. The people involved are despicable human beings who have no regard for animals or children.

Three men have been charged, including the day care center operator's husband, and two more are being sought.

In July I posted about America's biggest dog fighting ring bust, read more about what happened and the effort needed to bring these people down.

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