Chicago Chi Saved by CPR: Do You Know Doggy CPR?

 |  Oct 27th 2010  |   11 Contributions


The little Chihuahua in the picture above is alive after cardiac arrest thanks to his fast-thinking owner, who administered doggy CPR. Larry Kosinski, who happens to be a physician, performed CPR on his three-pound dog, Valentino, after a doggy disaster rendered the 8-year-old dog clinically dead. The video below tells the story.

I hope the dog who inflicted the damage is kept far, far away from Valentino, and that the little guy comes through this OK, and is soon in the pink after his Code Blue. The Chicago Tribune reports that Dr. Kosinski and his wife had rescued Valentino from a puppy mill only three months earlier. (What was an 8-year-old male dog doing at a puppy mill? Could he have been a puppy papa?)

It's important for all dog owners to know canine CPR. Humane societies and other organizations in your area may offer classes (update: some good info in comments, below), but here's a very helpful video by dog safety expert Melanie Monteiro you can watch right now to get you started. And for some super recent and important updates to doggy CPR techniques, which mirror the recent American Heart Association's new recommendations, visit Julia Szabo's info-packed post over at Dogster's Life and Style blog.


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