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 |  Apr 25th 2006  |   0 Contributions



If you're a Wisconsin kind of dog or cat, there's a group for you.

As you probably saw on my dogs and cat pages I live in WI. So in order to connect with other "Cheese Head" doggies and owners from all over the state we've formed the Wisconsin Doggies and Kitties Group. They don't even have to be living here currently or have to be originally from here. As long as they lived here at some point in their life, even if they were just fostered here for awhile, they are welcome to join up. Currently we have 67 dogs but my goal is to make it to 100 by May 1st. I am also in the process of allowing our kitty friends to join up as well. If you could please get the word out to all the cheese headers out there about us we'd so appreciate it. We'd love to meet any Wisconsin dogs at the HAWS walk on May 6.

Dahlila, Cinco, Blacky, Max and Lizzie


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