Check Out the Dogster Vet Blog for Info on Foxtail Season

 |  May 18th 2008  |   2 Contributions

Do you live in an area of North America with those pesky and dangerous plant pods known as Foxtails? If so, check out Dogster's Vet Blog for info on Foxtail season.

Northern Hemisphere Alert: Its Foxtail Season!

A Stories from the Vet's Office entry posted 05/12/08 tagged cat, dog, foxtail
For those of you who live in foxtail territory, be careful! I just finished working a shift at an emergency hospital in northern California, where foxtails reign supreme. In a period of 12 hours, I was party to the removal of five foxtails from pets. Two were in ears, two were in noses, and one was in an eye.

For those of you who arent familiar with grass awns (colloquially called foxtails), I recommend that you check the link above. Foxtails arent present in every locale. But in areas where they grow, foxtails are public enemy number one as far as pets are concerned.

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