Check Out Improvements to the Homepage!

 |  May 7th 2008  |   0 Contributions

We launched a number of revisions to the homepage back in January in response to feedback barked in by our members. Weve been keeping a close eye and ear on whats working and what isnt working for you, and weve made some more enhancements based on that.

If youre not logged into Dogster, you may notice some changes.

These are live now:

* More navigation buttons at the top of the page help you get where you want to go faster. You now have quick access to the Dog Owners Manual and Blogs. Videos and Contests & Fun have moved under the More button.

* The headers and links in the top row now reflect the popular quick-clicks on the homepage: breed info, adoptable dogs and more.

* Rather than new members, you will now see photos of the most popular breeds, and you can click to read exclusive breed profiles.

* In the "honors" section, we added back Diary of the Day (due to popular demand!) and added links to the Dog of the Day and Dog of the Week blogs.

* The most recent headlines from the Vet Blog and Dogster Site Updates appear alongside those for the Dog Blog.

* A text introduction to Dogster is chock-full of helpful links to popular areas on the site.

* The spacing got tightened-up so more content appears higher up on the page, above the browser fold.

* Along with the other site statistics, you can now see the number of adoptable dogs looking for furrever homes and click to view those pups.

We hope these updates make your Dogster experience a better one. As always, we welcome any comments youd like to bark our way!


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