Chained Welsh Bull Mastiff Saved From Strangulation by Fire Department

 |  Sep 7th 2006  |   1 Contribution

This would be a great article to share with a friend, neighbor, family member or just a passing acquaintance who still thinks chaining or long-term tethering of dogs is a good idea!

The article comes to us from the Ellesmere Port Standard in Wales.

Fire crews save choking dog

A PET dog which was slowly being strangled was rescued by firefighters armed with lifesaving equipment.

Tara, a bull mastiff, was choking to death on the end of a chain in a house on Chester Road, Ellesmere Port.

The worried owner was unable to free his pet and called the fire service at about 9pm on Mopnday.

Ellesmere Port firefighter Claire Page said: She had got herself wound round and round the chain in the house.

We had to use the cutters we would normally use in a road traffic accident to cut through the chain. A couple of us held her head as the chain was cut and there was a bit of growling as she didnt know what we were trying to do.

Tare was soon freed and suffered and no long-term damage.


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