Celebrate Halloween With Your Pack

 |  Oct 20th 2007  |   1 Contribution

Are you looking for a new twist on sharing Halloween with your furbaby? Check out this post from Celebrations, a website dedicated to parties and, what else, celebrations. What fun!

Halloween Costume Ideas: For People and Pooches Who Travel in Packs
By Jeanne Benedict

Whether youre trick-or-treating with a posse or just your family and pooch, its more fun if everyone dresses up. From your Tabloid Magazine favorites to American Idol Judges, Ive come up with 12 spectacular group costume ideas, so you can cause a mob scene on Halloween and bring your dog too!

1. Tabloid Magazine

Hop in a limo and travel celebrity style by costuming your group as gossip headliners! Take a long blonde wig, add a little doggie with bows and bling, and youve got the makings of a hotel heiress. A dad with a baby doll, and youre the recently dumped spouse of a star, embroiled in a custody battle. Have a couple of folks play the paparazzi role, complete with flashing cameras.

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