Cat Galaxy Radio

 |  Jun 23rd 2007  |   0 Contributions


Thanks to Tiffany Berry for meowing in about this fun radio station we can all get through the Internet. So no matter where you live, if you're a cat lover you can make sure your felines have constant radio or television entertainment.

I don't know if you guys at Catster have heard about this radio station in Phoenix, AZ that broadcasts 24/7 just for cats and their owners called Cat Galaxy Radio. It is a donor supported internet broadcast and is a really good program that sponsors feline rescue and spaying and neutering. I think the folks on Catster would love to know about this internet radio program.

Here's what Cat Galaxy says about itself:

Welcome to the official Web Site for Cat Galaxy. We are an Internet radio and TV station specifically for cats to listen to and also watch. On this Site you can receive all the need to know facts about Cat Galaxy and its live Internet radio shows like Morning Meows, Meow Mixing Monday, Tuesday Night Cat Club, Wednesday Night Cat Attack, Thursday Night Purr Party, and the Friday Night Feline Frenzy as well as some of the latest news involving the station. Cat Galaxy is based in Phoenix, AZ and broadcasts live 24/7 to a feline audience worldwide in 128k CD quality stereo.


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