Caring & Sharing 06 Contest Looking for More Entries!

 |  Dec 17th 2006  |   0 Contributions


Mia has been howling out in a bunch of groups that the Caring & Sharing 06 Contest wants more entries. Now I know Dogsters and Catsters are some of the most caring and sharing people on Earth so where are those photos? The deadline is December 25th so time to start snapping some photos!

Here's a link to the original blog post.

It can be anything, just as long as you are doing something Caring & Sharing. And just get a picture of you, or you and your dog, or just your dog. Go to the main forum's to get idea's and what the prizes are.

The main fourm is here on plus

Or here on Other Bark's and Woof's
Ideas are there and the long list of prizes.


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