Caring Cop Adopts Dog Who Was Dragged Beside Van

 |  Nov 30th 2011  |   33 Contributions

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Warren, Mich. police officer Michael Lake with his adopted dog, Cricket (Photo: Ray J. Skowronek, Daily Tribune)

A Michigan cop has stepped up to provide a new home to a little dog whose owner who allegedly took her for a "walk" by driving his van with the leash sticking out. The dog, Cricket, could not keep up, and ended up going for a drag instead of a walk. She received an injury above her eye, and one of her claws was torn out.

Her owner was arrested and charged with animal cruelty and drunk driving. His trial is set for December 8. He relinquished ownership of Cricket, realizing he stood no chance of getting her back. He says he has had her only since October.

The dog looks to be a cute black terrier mix. Her age could be anywhere from several months to several years, according to the Daily Tribune. Officer Michael Lake was set to take her to the vet's after his shift to have her checked out. He'll probably have a much better idea of her age at that point.

Cricket seems to be in great spirits. "She is a doll. Shes playful. Shes spunky, Lake told the Tribune. He said his wife has always wanted a smaller dog, since their other dogs have always been "big boys." He's excited to bring Cricket home to meet her and his other dog, a German shorthair pointer.

What an uplifting outcome. Three cheers for the kindly cop! (I provide these stories as a balance to the stories of other law-enforcement officials who haven't done so well by dogs.) Looks like they'll have a great life together.


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