Car Driving Dog Walker...Huh?

 |  Oct 15th 2008  |   9 Contributions

Yes, it's exactly as it sounds. There is a man in Britain that actually walks his dog while driving his car.

A father has been named one of Britain's laziest men after taking his dog for a walk while sitting in his car.

Kevin Pyle gets his son Karl to drive him round the block in Newcastle while he leads four-year-old pet bull mastiff Bruce alongside.

Bruce covers about four miles a week but Mr Pyle does not walk a single step.

Wow, that is lazy. According to his son Karl, since his father started working the early shift as a wagon driver he never gets out of bed. His father expects the entire family to bring what he needs up to him in bed while he watches TV. This latest stunt started out on a rainy morning.

'One morning it was raining and Dad looked out the window and told me to start the car. I wondered what he was up to then he said we were taking Bruce for a walk.

'I thought he was only joking. But he said "I'm serious, I can't be bothered" so off we went.

'Dad had his arm out the window holding Bruce's lead. He just lolloped alongside.'

Okay, I confess, when we lived in NY and it was snowy and cold out Bo's walks did get shorter. Very short. But this...I can't really think of much that would beat "walking" your dog while driving.

If you've ever shortchanged your best friend out of laziness give me a bark.

* The big cutie above is Dogster's own Fergus Willoughby. He's a Mastiff, not Bull Mastiff, but I couldn't resist the alfit.


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