Canadian Transport Agency (CTA) Rules Airlines Not Responsible for Dogs on Planes

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Noah and Amanda Kelly

If you ever ship your dog via air, check with your airline as to where your canine friend rides on the plane. More and more dog folks are avoiding the holds of planes.

While airlines have to pressurize the holds (where the luggage is stored) they often do not take nearly as much care for that area as they have to with the passenger area. The result can be deadly for your dog. And, as seen in this article from The Daily News in New Brunswick, Canada, no one is going to hold the airlines liable for dog deaths. So you know what that means -- less safety and concern for living creatures in their care.

Pet owners take note of case

Airline not responsible for death of dog - agency

By Sarah Regan
The Daily News
HALIFAX - Two years ago, a British Columbia couple were devastated when their dog Sila arrived at the Winnipeg Airport dead. The dog's death sparked a two-year battle between a small-town doctor and Air Canada, which ended Monday.

The Canadian Transport Agency (CTA) released a decision that the airline is not liable for the death of Sila or any other animals in its care - a decision that has caused mixed reaction among local dog owners.

Kathy Crane, owner of Oakglen Boarding Kennels, said CTA's decision is going to make a big difference in the way dog owners travel and how she does business.

"I will never put one of my dogs in cargo, period. Even if someone called me from the other side of the country and wanted me to ship them a puppy, I wouldn't do it," said Crane, who is also a dog breeder.

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