Canadian Jack Russell Terrier to Be Evicted From Bookstore

 |  Nov 20th 2006  |   2 Contributions


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Bookstore dog in the doghouse

CBC News

Some residents of Victoria are expressing their outrage over attempts to have a small dog removed from his long-time place at a downtown business, a bookstore-coffee shop.

Bubba has been going to the bookstore for the past three years.

There is an open area between the two businesses, and that's the problem according to the Vancouver Island Health Authority. The law says no animals in eating establishments.

Bubba's owner, James Hitchen, maintains the bookstore isn't an eating establishment and says there is little common area. "One breezeway at the front and one pass-through here, and beyond that my fire exit, and the inspector doesn't like any of those," he said.

"It's separate strata titles, separate business licences, separate taxes, a separate wall dividing the two properties."

But the health authority disagrees. It says while the bookstore has its own address and the coffee shop has its own address there's really no physical separation.

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