Can You Help Damaged Dachshunds Get from Louisiana to Texas?

 |  Mar 16th 2006  |   0 Contributions

Thanks to Kathleen Berard for posting this appeal for help for three little dogs who have already suffered more than they should have. Kat is an animal communicator as well as holistic healer who runs the Holistic Weim listserv.

From Kat:

Hi, Guys. I don't normally post these but . . . Christine McEntyre runs Diamond Dachshund Rescue out of Kerrville, Texas. I do free sessions with her traumatized dogs (she gets LOTS from puppy mills and back yard breeders). If you can help, please contact her directly, 830-367-5741, They're a fabulous group and get overrun with dogs like most groups do. They could really use help with this.

Kat, we have three doxies in Louisiana needing to head WEST to Kerrville, one is paralyzed and needs surgery asap. Do you know anyone that can help w/ transport??

The dogs need to go from Abbeville, LA to Kerrville, TX. If you can help out please contact the folks mentioned above.

If you do get to help, please let us know!


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