Call for Help -- Piedmont, Missouri Animal Shelter Flooded Out, Need Foster and Other Help

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Thanks to Liz M. for barking this on to me from Kinship Circle Disaster Relief.


3/18/08: Animal Control (& Entire Town) Underwater! Piedmont, Missouri

Kinship Circle has just learned tonight (3/18) that the town of Piedmont, in rural Missouri, has evacuated due to severe flash flooding. We are posting as much information as we have at this time and will follow-up with more verified facts as they become available.

We know, but have not yet confirmed:

The town's animal control is underwater, animals evacuated. Some died in floodwaters. Stray Rescue St. Louis (active in Katrina rescue) appears to be headed to Piedmont. It has been raining nonstop 48+ hours and other Missouri/Illinois shelters may need help.

1. Piedmont Animal Control Underwater - Emergency

CONTACT: Susan Rhoades,

3/18/08, From Susan Rhoades,

Piedmont has been evacuated. Cibele got out what she could, but many of her babies have drowned. Please, if you can, post, cross post, anything you can do to help her. Not only are Piedmont AC's animals in danger, but the town's animals are in danger as well.

Stray Rescue's disaster team is gearing up to go there -- Jan Siener from Act Now! Will be going there tomorrow. We will need fosters, transport, etc.


Piedmont Animal Control Shelter
115 W Green Street; Piedmont, MO 63957
573-223-4020; Cibele:

Stray Rescue of St Louis
1463 S 18th St; St Louis, MO 63104

Jan Siener, ACT Now! Rescue
P.O. Box 510321; St. Louis, Missouri 63151

2. Piedmont, Missouri Evacuated for Flooding

Here is a television report from KSDK on the situation in Piedmont:

Piedmont, Missouri Evacuated for Flooding, Now without Water
Created: 3/18/2008 2:30:15 PM
Last updated: 3/18/2008 10:49:35 PM

(KSDK) -- The town of Piedmont, Missouri was evacuated due to flooding, the Missouri Highway Patrol said Tuesday.

Meanwhile, NewsChannel 5 has learned that parts of the town was without water. Floodwater knocked out a bridge which carried one of the main water lines.

According to the state patrol, most people in town have evacuated to friends and relatives who live on higher ground.

No shelter has been set up for those put out of their homes.

Most roadways have flooded, including Highway 34 east of town and Highway V to the south. All the rivers and creeks have flooded out of their banks. Access to Piedmont is only available from the north.

Poplar Bluff has received six inches of rain and state police said comparable amounts were expected in Piedmont.

NewsChannel 5 will have more on this story as information becomes available.

Follow this link to see video.

3. Animals Saved From Floods At Southern IL Shelter

Here's another resport from

Dozens of Animals Saved From Flooding at Animal Shelter
Reported by: Lauren Adams

Nearly one hundred dogs were trapped in the shelter, after the roads around it were flooded with nearly four feet of water.

"When they first called they said it was under two feet of water and I said 'Uh-oh' this isn't gonna be good," St. Francis Animal Care volunteer Jim Sullivan remembers. He was one of the first to stage a rescue. Braving waist deep water, Sullivan and several others started what would stretch to become a three hour process. The dogs were saved one at a time.

"Little Cricket, you saw over there she was swimming around," another volunteer says, pointing to a 6 pound black and white mutt.

Whether by boat or even by truck all ninety dogs made it out of the shelter okay, with larger breeds being the last to make it to safety.

Shivering and scared, the dogs were loaded into waiting cars and for a brief moment the worst seemed to be behind the folks at St. Francis Animal Care.

Then, a problem.

"There is no flood insurance, I just found that out," said Doris Luther of the Shelter.

The dogs are in unfamiliar but safe places and the building is still flooded and considered to be a loss. The future of these four-legged survivors and their home uncertain.

Follow this link to read the rest of the article or watch video.

TO ADOPT ANY OF THE DOGS, CALL: Cook Sales, 618-893-2114
The dogs are in unfamiliar but safe places and the building is still flooded
and considered to be a loss. The future of these four-legged survivors and
their home uncertain.


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