California Dog Caught Up Cliff

 |  Oct 29th 2006  |   2 Contributions

California dog caught on cliff

So now we know the difference between California dogs and British dogs! The British dogs jump off cliffs (remember that rash of dogs jumping off cliffs in the UK a few months back?) and California dogs get caught on cliffs!

This story is from First Coast News. They have a video of the rescue on the site.

Dog Gets Stuck on California Cliff

By First Coast News Staff

SOLANA BEACH, CA -- What goes up must come down - even if it's a dog with a fear of heights.

A pup got stuck on a cliff in Solana Beach, Calif., Wednesday afternoon.

He approached his owner and then changed his mind about going any further.

Finally, the owner grabbed the dog and handed him off to a rescuer, who carried him safely down the ladder.

The dog was not hurt.


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