Bulgarian Park Wardens Shoot Dogs "For Practice"

 |  Feb 13th 2007  |   1 Contribution

Isn't Bulgaria supposed to be civilized? Do these park wardens think they live in the Old American Wild West where they can use their guns as they wish? If they need the practice, how about directing these lethal Bozos to a shooting range? Better still, how about taking the guns away from them and let them play cowboy on a computer game?

My heart goes out to the Russian diplomat and his Mecho.

This article came from the Sunday Metro.co.uk.

Park wardens shoot dogs 'for practise'
Park wardens in Bulgaria were in trouble after they shot a Russian diplomat's dog as target practise.

The wardens, in the city of Russe, shot consul Yuri Trushin's beloved Labrador, Mecho, when he wandered into the park - where he walked regularly with his owner - one evening.

Trushin reported the incident to police and the Russian foreign ministry. He said witnesses told him they had seen the wardens "entertaining themselves" by shooting at dogs in the park.


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