Bulgaria Passes New Law to Protect Dogs and Cats

 |  Dec 4th 2007  |   7 Contributions

Big barks for Bulgaria!!!

Thanks to AFP for this article.

Bulgaria passes new animal protection law to limit stray cats, dogs

SOFIA (AFP) Bulgaria's parliament adopted Friday a new animal protection law to limit the huge number of stray dogs and cats on Bulgarian streets by imposing tough fines on owners who maltreat or abandon their pets.

Authorities ever since the fall of communism in 1989 have failed to solve the problem of thousands of stray animals roaming around in big cities after being abandoned by their owners.

The new legislation, in accordance with EU law, calls for pet owners for the first time to receive fines of up to 3,000 leva (1,530 euros, 2,260 dollars) for abandoning their pets' young.

If they cannot find homes for the pups or kittens, they should castrate their pets, the law says.

Stray dogs and cats should also be neutered and put up for adoption before they are let back on the streets.

The new law also bans "all inhumane behaviour towards animals, such as causing pain, suffering and intense fear" as well as "all acts of cruelty."

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