Buddy Has a WONDERFUL New Home!

 |  Jun 25th 2007  |   2 Contributions


Thanks to all the caring Dogsters who have barked in asking about Buddy I have great news! He has a fabulous new home with a loving furdaddy who is the perfect match for Buddy.

Here's a link to the original post on Buddy.
Buddy Needs a Home

Here's the note Buddy asked me to pass on to all his Dogster friends:

Hi and lots of big barks and wags! Thank you to everyone who has been sending good thoughts and prayers for me to find my forever home. You must have thought and prayed really hard because it sure worked!

I have the best daddy in the world now!

My daddy Randy loves me so much! I get to stay inside at night with him (and inside by myself when the weather is bad). He gives me good food and I have a lovely yard to play in and hang out in on good days. He got my toys before he ever took me home. Daddy Randy takes me for long walks in Tower Grove Park in St. Louis. He tells me we're going to get to take some long car trips together, too! He wants me with him as much as possible! I'm his bestest Buddy and I want to be with him furever!

I've been good too! I have not had any accidents in the house even when Daddy Randy leaves me in the house by myself! I haven't chewed on or broken anything. I have been sooooooo good!

Unfortunately, Daddy Randy hasn't signed up for Dogster yet so I'll be out of touch until I can talk him into it. But I will also remember my dear friends on Dogster and what you have done in helping me find my Daddy Randy. I wish you were all here with me so I could give everybody lots of licks and cuddles!

Please remember me. Remember that you CAN make a difference in a dog's life. You helped Joy make THE difference in my life that helped me find my heaven on earth. Every good thought you sent me I know helped.

Big butt wags and sloppy licks!



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