BSL Activity in Ontario, Canada -- Taco

 |  Apr 6th 2006  |   2 Contributions

What is this craziness with breed specific legislation (BSL)? Can someone PLEASE explain to the undogged that ANY dog will bite with the right provocation? According to Randy Grim with Stray Rescue in St. Louis (and subject of The Man Who Talks to Dogs) the largest number of dog bites in the US last year came from Cocker Spaniels. Now nobody in their right mind would say, hey, those crazy cockers have got to be banned from the streets of Cincinnati or Birmingham or Fremont, would they?

Now out of Ontario comes the story of Taco, the pit bull. Has Taco done anything wrong (other than be born a pit bull and rescued from freezing to death as a puppy)? Not that I see. If anyone knows differently please tell me. No Taco's sin seems to be living in Ontario with his devoted human companion, Stephanie. If you want to read the whole story here is the link to Advocates for the Underdog in Ontario, a coalition of groups trying to save Taco from a VERY uncertain future at the hands of the Windsor Essex County Humane Society.

With apologies to the original poem but I think we all know the basics of the message:
When they came for the pitt bull, I did not have a pitt bull so I remained quiet.
When they came for the doberman, I did not have a doberman so I remained quiet.
When they came for the cocker spaniel, there was no one to speak for me and my cocker spaniel.

Let's speak up! Bark out!


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