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Britney Spears Tweets a Photo of Her New Dog

This pup is very small, and very cute. We expect big things.

 |  Feb 11th 2013  |   7 Contributions

In yet another example of how Twitter is the de facto medium for a celebrity to present her new dog to the world, Britney Spears used Twitter to present her new dog to the world.

The dog is a little snowball puffcake, who seems to spend the days next to Britney's cheek. The breed has yet to be tweeted. 

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Note Britney's kitchen on the right. That thing with the wheel -- is that a popcorn cart?

She didn't get all crazy about it, she just sent a simple tweet to her 23 million followers -- "Say good morning to my new baby people" -- which was then retweeted nearly 5,000 times.  

However, in searching for something else to say about this story, we noticed that the Twitter account of Hannah, Britney's other dog, flared to life shortly thereafter. (Yes, Britney's dog Hannah has a Twitter; don't worry about it.) 

Hannah tweeted to her 38,000 followers, "Good Morning! She looks so pretty in my pink bow!" 

It is good to know the dogs will not be fighting over clothes -- unless the puppy did not actually ask to borrow the bow, and Hannah's tweet is really the first passive-aggressive salvo in what will be a legendary celebrity dog war, which will take down dog-Hollywood. Now that we think on it a little, it can be nothing but that.

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Hannah could very well be planning to destroy the young interloper. Or not. Probably not.

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