British Underwater Swimming Springer Spaniel Attracts Attention

 |  Jan 24th 2007  |   0 Contributions

Thanks to All Headline News for this fun news.

A Dog Who Can Swim Underwater, Attracts Crowd

Komfie Manalo - All Headline News Correspondent

Dorchester, England (AHN) - Residents at a coastal community in Lyme Regis, Dorset, Dorchester County in England, have nicknamed two-year-old springer spaniel "Aquadog" because of her ability to swim underwater.

The dog's owner Rob Vaughan said, "She's just amazing. You can even see bubbles coming from her nose while she's under so she knows by instinct to breathe out but still holds her breath while she's under."

He said that every time his dog, Bella, goes for a swim, dozens of people gather to watch the dog go underwater.

Vaughn said the dog dives for stones on the riverbed and can stay below the surface for up to 15 seconds.

He told the Mirror newspaper, "If I don't throw a stone she dives under and swims along the bottom till she finds her own.


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