British Rescue Spaniel Sniffs for Phones in Prison

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Now I know why Beatrice keeps nosing my phone while I'm on it! She's looking for a new job!

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BTW, Dogster Ary, shown here, is not the sniffer dog but he is a lovely English Springer Spaniel living in Zagreb, Croatia.

Dog swaps bones for phones

GIVE the dog a phone: a sniffer dog has been put to work in British prisons with the specific brief of tracking down illicit mobile phones held by inmates.

Murphy, a 15-month-old English springer spaniel, started work at Norwich Prison, eastern England, yesterday and will be working at 12 other jails in the region.

Norwich Prison governor James Shanley said: "Our biggest concern is to maintain public protection and we do not want mobile phones to circumvent all the systems set up to provide this.

"If somebody has access to a mobile phone in prison they could potentially contact witnesses, or they could use the phone as a means of escape by arranging for someone to meet them at a certain place.

"Phones can also be used to take photos and could identify staff or other visitors to the prison."

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